Sunday, 30 December 2007

Genealogy & Red Velvet.

A passion that occupies lots of my time is family history / genealogy.

I've rattled the chains on the skeletons, waded through overgrowth at cemetries, pored over micro fiche and dusty antique records, spent a small fortune on photocopying, travelled to interview darling old relations, asked what some considered were the wrong questions, cried in a local library when unexpectedly, the local studies librarian opened a folder and there was a photo of my grandfather during WWI. I've learnt to never assume.

I've collated huge folders on each surname, corresponded with family searchers overseas, got teary when walking the grounds of where my convict, transported ancestor, Mary, lived in horror in Van Diemans Land while her child, Anne, was placed in the Hobart Orphange.

Emotionally, I've lurked, marvelling, as Judy Wilkenfield at
Red Velvet worked her fingers to the bone creating, Numbers 1 & Numbers 2 a haunting family history installation more touching and amazing than words can describe.

... today Judy announces she is featured in the latest issue of a favourite magazine
Cloth Paper & Scissors ... no one is more deserving of this accolade.


Jo said...

What an awful story about Mary, I can think of nothing worse. Thanks for popping in, I hope you had a fun Christmas (and that all that crap is resolved now). Happy, happy new year, dear!

Judy said...

Wow, amazing history there.
I feel so honoured that you have linked Numbers here. I am grateful for your lovely (amazing)comments and I am glad you delurked.
Wishing you happiness over the New Year.

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