Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Bondi Beach then & now ...

Pop over to Judy's Red Velvet blog for some stunning views of my childhood home, Bondi Beach.

It got me thinking of the old Bondi pics I have so here's one of my Mum and her girlfriend strolling the prom, as young ladies did, in 1939.


paisley said...

alls- i know is this body i'm renting right now would look better in mums clothes than beach attire!!!! what an f*in shame that is too!!!!!!!

Judy said...

Hey lovey, your photo is great. Can you imagine how many photos there are similar to that one. I know when i do people life stories, theres always a bondi beach photo.
your etsy feedback was delicious - it cracked me up - especially the i dont know how i missed that box one.

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