Tuesday, 18 September 2007

THE GIFT - Writers Island


My instant thought for the prompt for this week was the gift of life and what a precious treasure the gift of life is. Watching people underestimate the immense value of it, how people don’t respect or understand how to make the most of it is an oft felt frustration. I get bamboozled when people fail to realise this isn’t a dress rehearsal it’s the real thing, grab life by the balls, embrace life to the max … why don’t some people get it?

The soft, sweetness of babies produces the most special warm, fuzzy feeling (yep, it’s me who cries seeing babies born on TV shows). The cherished first breath of independent life blemished by the foolishness of adult’s is frequently sad. Whether it’s learned behaviour, tradition, ignorance or perpetuating myths that spoil innocence or a combination could reverse behaviour and undo the mistakes of the past might be the clue to greater appreciation of life?

Beginning by breaking the mould whereby mothers instill the value of life, could be a key. Often mothers are the ruination of the good men of the future. By consistently doing for them, picking up after them, not teaching them how to respect others, allowing children to witness bad behaviour sets the wheels in motion for ongoing misuse of the gift. Better mothers produce better people. Naturally this is not the entire solution to appreciation of the gift, it could possibly be a darn good place to start.

As I loiter at the door of the twilight zone learning how to age with charisma and panache is numero uno in demonstrating that the rest of my gift is to be joyous, wise and grateful. To have learnt that old age is to be cherished as equally as the beginning of life, not the time to write the epilogue but to add another chapter in the book is a blessed opportunity to embrace the best gift of all, the gift of life.


Jo said...

I’ve learnt that old age is to be cherished as much as the beginning of life not the time to write the epilogue but the time to write another chapter in the book

Oh yes!

Anonymous said...

Gift of life. One of the greatest giftof nature.

Tumblewords: said...

Bravo! Well said!

Steve said...

Too old to die young!

Too young to be old!

ren powell said...

I like that about the dress rehearsal. I feel often that I'm waiting in the wings for some kind of cue for me to make my "big entrance"-

Mary Timme said...

Are you sure you're not a sister from another mother? We have a lot of the same views on the gift of life. I liked yours.

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