Sunday, 25 June 2006

What Flower Are You?

I know, I know three in a row!
No, I'm not in search of myself. I know who, what and how I am!

I'm in the throes of creative deadlines. Bargains keep getting in
the way ~ am re-organising my house ~ not sleeping properly
there's too much bad ju ju in my boudoir with all the upheavel
so I meander off in need of some light entertainment and look at
where I land. Those who know and love me will say it's all true ~
the rest of you ~ try it for yourself!

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend.
You are quite the prankster that loves to make other
people laugh."

Saturday, 24 June 2006

what Will Your Famous Last Words Be?

Haaaaaaaaa ... I just had to go and do another of those quirky
tests ... Famous Last Words ... Waaaaaaaa what a classic ;~() !!

Your Famous Last Words Will Be ...
"Nice doggy."


Friday, 23 June 2006

What Colour Blue Are You?

The Marvellous Maureen had this on her blog so I went and
tried it and here's the result ...

You Are Ocean Blue.

You're both warm and practical. You're very driven, but you're also very well rounded.You tend to see both sides to every issue, and people consider you a natural diplomat.

Thursday, 15 June 2006

A visit to the Sydney Craft Show.

We were in the queue before the doors opened, money
burning a hole in our pockets, lists of dream purchases,
comfortable shoes that felt like they had wings on them,
high on the prospects of a mega shoppathon, doses of
inspiration and motivation and the thought of the
OoHhhhing and Aaahhhing that awaited.

All was accomplished in grand company.

Now feet are throbbing, back is aching, savings are depleted
but the creative juices are teetering near boiling point with
beautiful ideas that are so simple it makes you wonder how,
after sewing for so many years, you didn’t think of it first!

The catering needs a mention. $7 for a bread roll with a slice
of roast beef and fetta cheese. $3.50 for 300 mls of fruit juice
(even the girl on the register apologised, embarrassingly, about
the prices). $6 for fruit salad which would have measured out
to about three dessertspoonfuls, totally outrageous prices yet the
hoardes queued for miles seeking sustanence to be further visually
dazzled and to max out the fantastic plastic!

It’s not so much that we cared about the cost, more so that we
were horrified when we first bought a bottle of water and were
charged $3 – "Wottha!" ~ highway robbery ~ especially when you
consider ~ us crafty women love our tucker!

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Ozzee, Ozzee Ozee Ozzeeeeee, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!!

Pearl with her yellow and green eyes is proud to be an Ozzie tonight
as we watched our Australian Socceroos beat Japan in the first round
of the World Cup - C'Mon Aussies, C'Mon!

Saturday, 10 June 2006

Yo Bro!

Little Willy's 60 today
But in 2001 cancer took him away
Damn ~ I miss him more each day...
Yo Bro.

This pic was taken in 1990 late one night after devouring
thousands of cool refreshing glasses of happiness! This was
our era of finally getting to know each other.

We became a formidable team when he was in town.

For sure my Bro will have his elbow on a bar somewhere right
now, placing 50 cent bets on anything that is racing, kicking or
crawling up a wall while chatting up sheilas, shouting drinks for
the bar, telling bad jokes and behaving like a total yobbo.
All at the same time!

Onya Bro!

Friday, 9 June 2006

Why Buy a Mohair Rug?

While op shopping today I spied a gorgeous rug in pink-ish,
mauve-ish, and pale-ish blue hues the label read 100% Mohair
Made in Australia, price - $8. For some reason I had to have it!
Pet looked at me, I shrugged “I dunno, I have to have it.” I was
thinking maybe I’ll felt this, do something crafty, give it to my
pal Veronica, I dunno – I had no idea.

When I arrived home I took it out of the bag, left it on the floor
while I unpacked the shopping then went to change. When I came
back out I knew instantly why I’d bought the mohair rug …


This year my creative life has lost its splendour. Looking after
my Dad, boredom with the creativity I adored and feeling stale
has contributed to much gathering with little outgoing. Plenty
going on my head, gorgeous items all produced in my imagination
but nothing to show. I’m hoping to pick up the pieces soon. I’ve
started to knit, made postcards for a swap with a US group and
purchased some beautifulness to endeavour creating something
different ~ so watch this space. During this time I’ve been devouring
books and magazine to try to reignite the spark and heave me out
of the gloom.

A true reading joy came via The Sydney Morning Herald
'Good Weekend Magazine' in the stunning edition produced for
the 175th anniversary where I discovered the following two gems ~

Read #1 ~

‘Life under Rations” by Ruth Park.

Identity cards for civilians were part of life during World
War II. Without one, you could not get your food and
clothing ration coupons or a hospital bed or a job, and
certainly not entry to any official place or building.
Ruth Park found hers among some old papers years later
and the memories came flooding back.

The shortage that affected me most was needles. (Anything made of
metal was certain to disappear sooner or later.) I can still remember
sitting up in bed in my parachute nightdress, between mattress-ticking
sheets, crying because I’d lost my needle. You can’t imagine what it’s
like to be without a needle, with no hope of another till the war ends,
which was probably never,
Where did it go, for I never found it. Down a crack, I suppose, like

those long-ago years when we laughed, and had our hearts broken,
and made eggless, butterless, sugarless cakes, and waited for the boys
to come home and life to start once more.

Makes me realise how fortunate I am have own such a
bumper, creative stash.

Read #2 ~ Adoring all things Art Deco this is gorgeous ~

August 21, 1926.

Certainly taken en masse she would seem to be a painted, pleasure
loving, cocktail drinking, cigarette smoking, thoughtless little lassie,
whose thoughtlessness to her elders and the aged in many cases
amounts almost to heartlessness. She would appear to have one
thought, and that thought, self and how much juice of pleasure she
can squeeze from the orange called life, and throw away the rind.
Traditions are trampled under her feet; youth is paramount.

Yes, all this is true, or so it would seems collectively. But,
individually, what so we find in the Australian lassie, anyway? A
clean-limbed, wholesome, sports loving girl, who can play a
game of tennis, golf, or hockey with anyone, who can row a boat,
or run a car all day if need be, and dance half the night, but who
can, also equally well, run a business, nurse the sick, make cleverly
and daintily her won and oft times her mother’s or sister’s frocks
and undies; who reads much , and oft times quiet deeply, who can
organise and committees, and provide for meetings for the benefit
of these same charities. She can, and does, all the time, look smart,
trim and fresh, as she goes about her business or pleasure.

I admit that oft times she is loathe to relinquish her gay freedom
and take-on the responsibilities of matrimony, but when she does
she can keep her home as well as any of the lassies of a former
generation, can be as faithful and loving a wife, as tender a mother,
as thoughtful as a daughter-in-law, as thrifty a housekeeper; and can
entertain her own and her husband’s friends, even better than the
young wives of former generation, for her style is more open, more
free – there is, to my mind, more of a comrade between the sexes,
nd less of sex thoughts than there used to be in our grandmothers’

Yes, the flapper of today, with all her faults – and I admit she has
them – is yet to me a nearere perfect girl than any that has gone
before her. Miss Australia, all hail; I raise me hat to you, and I’m
one of your own sex, and old enough to be your mother.

Don’t you just breathe a sigh of relief at not being a ‘flapper’?

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