Thursday, 15 June 2006

A visit to the Sydney Craft Show.

We were in the queue before the doors opened, money
burning a hole in our pockets, lists of dream purchases,
comfortable shoes that felt like they had wings on them,
high on the prospects of a mega shoppathon, doses of
inspiration and motivation and the thought of the
OoHhhhing and Aaahhhing that awaited.

All was accomplished in grand company.

Now feet are throbbing, back is aching, savings are depleted
but the creative juices are teetering near boiling point with
beautiful ideas that are so simple it makes you wonder how,
after sewing for so many years, you didn’t think of it first!

The catering needs a mention. $7 for a bread roll with a slice
of roast beef and fetta cheese. $3.50 for 300 mls of fruit juice
(even the girl on the register apologised, embarrassingly, about
the prices). $6 for fruit salad which would have measured out
to about three dessertspoonfuls, totally outrageous prices yet the
hoardes queued for miles seeking sustanence to be further visually
dazzled and to max out the fantastic plastic!

It’s not so much that we cared about the cost, more so that we
were horrified when we first bought a bottle of water and were
charged $3 – "Wottha!" ~ highway robbery ~ especially when you
consider ~ us crafty women love our tucker!


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