Friday, 27 February 2009

Sunday Scribblings #152 ... LOST ...

My previous post reminds me of how losing things, obvious things, everyday things, increases with age hence my cynical suggestion that a small keepsake purse might have been a good idea at surgery.

Women in our great grandmothers era wore a chatelaine round their waist. What a splendid idea. A belt with the then necessaries of life attached. The scissors, pencil, thimble, keys, watch, spectacles all suspended from an individual chain. Todays chatelaine might have your mobile phone, digi camera, credit cards and other essentials in easy reach yet individually attached so as to never become lost!

How can you put keys down, glasses, scissors, a pen, the lid of a jar or bottle, an implement that you’re in the process of using and in one nano second they’re lost?

Is it age? Is one side of your brain slowing down? Does someone have an answer?

This week I’ve lost my right thyroid and the attached 2.6cm nodule, as well as my keys, the cover to both my camera and mobile phone, two sheets of paper with addresses written on them plus my reading glasses … please don’t reply till the glasses turn up!


How's this for a new look?

6 cms incision, stitches on the inside, will heal to look like a natural wrinkle ...

If only they'd tightened the skin a bit more ...

Should have asked for zipper to be fitted ...

Maybe a purse for small change or a key holder ;)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Sunday Scribblings #151 ... TRUST ...


Pondering this Sunday Scribbling prompt immediately reminded me of my first confrontation with trust concerning my so called best friend at the time and my husband. My immediate plan was the write about this ultimate betrayal. How trust was broken, the consequences plus think about trust. But I remembered other episodes.

Like the two girls I employed, how I trusted them implicitly in the business, how the business went bust yet, later, they took a trip to Greece. I congratulated them. Years later I realised more than likely I paid for their trip. The next one was about how I set off to open a restaurant with the then loser of my life. I put up the collateral. When he couldn’t take the heat he fled the kitchen. Before he left town he filled his mates car with petrol on the business account. I heard for the next month flashed plenty of cash

The thread in my experiences wasn’t trust it was my stupidity. Yes I’d trusted these low lifes with friendship, familiarity, confidence and honesty to be by my side. I’d neglected my personal short comings by believing I was such a good judge of character, always sure I could trust with the belief of ‘do unto others.’

These episodes, over three decades, were because of who I was at that time.
Thankfully I’ve learnt to trust you must first trust yourself … isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing??

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Sunday Scribblings # 150 ::: SPORTS


Gadzooks it's Sunday Scribblings 150th prompt … my last entry was at 123 …

Let’s talk about sports ... I’ve known a few … good sports!

Australian male’s calling each other sports began in WWII when Aussie soldiers, according to Sidney J Baker’s The Australian Language called each other “feller”, a form of fellow used mainly as a genial form of address, comparable to the use of “digger” or “mate”.

Reference to females as good sports probably began around the same time! The very un PC reference to a girl who was easy or loose, with the boys that is, led to these friendly your things, looking for love in all the wrong places, as being identified as a ‘good sport’ resulting in them being stigmatized by society.

In Queensland the northern state of Australia sport was used to describe an isolated coral outcrop.

Cyril Hopkins wrote a biographical notice of the life and work of Marcus Clarke where he wrote “If you invite a stranger to partake of supper, you say, “Hullo Mate! Come in and sport your Dover!”

As for sports, I’m a major sports fan! Whenever Australia is on any field, oval, running on to a major sporting venue, on the ocean, in the surf, on a tennis or race course, I’ll be seen wearing the green and gold screaming Aussie, Aussie Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi … but that’s as good a sport as I’ll be!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Another New York reason ... The Tuck Shop

No need to yearn for a good Aussie pie 'n' sauce, a sausage roll, a vanilla slice,

a lamington or a host of other Aussie delicacies ... get along to The Tuck Shop

on 68 1st Street ... it's all there ... they stock Vegemite, Tim Tams, plus heaps

of other Aussie groceries ...

The guys are pushing to get VB into the US pop over here to sign the petition

photo by Reinhard Hunger. Styling by Adriana Castro

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Papabubble ...another reason to go to New York

Martha did a fabulous segment on Papbubble ... click here to see them in action ...

Is it art? Is it glass? people ask when they happen upon the gorgeous Papabubble store in Broome Street, Manhattan / New York. Opened in 2007 the gourmet candy "sculpture" is prepared, twisted, stretched and packed in the store.

Stores are in Seoul, Amsterdam, Tokyo, head office in Barcelona ... lollies have never looked or tasted so good.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Victoria bush fires images ... how sad we are ...

A power station in the forgeound ...

A 737 taking of from Melbourne airport ...

Ash ...

Words can't express ...

Spot fires looking like fairy lights ...

Australia is united for the people of Victoria ::: 80 people missing ::: almost 200 people dead :::
almost five million dollars raised so far :::

Makes me proud to be an Aussie hearing and watching out country unite ... Oi, Oi, Oi!
Images courtesy of online search.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Victoria, Australia burns ... Bushfires rage ...

The southern state of Victoria has been engulfed with bush fires for days ... this image from the

National Geographic News site here ... shows the ferocity that people and animals have, and

are, enduring.

They want money, not essential items at the moment, not food or clothes, they need money to

give these people back some kind of dignity and hope ... they don't want sight seers ... how

morons can drive to the area for a 'look' makes my skin crawl!

A well known and much publicised blog Meetmeatmikes has plenty of details on how and

where to donate. If you feel inclined please ... click here to find out how to make a donation.

C'mon people if everyone only gave one dollar ... imagine the accumulated difference this would

make ... more heartbreaking stories are emerging ... they need our help!

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