Friday, 30 May 2008

Sunday Scribblings # CURVES 113

Friday night TV after 10pm usually sucks … Sunday Scribblings prompt up on a Friday night is perfect … Curves … tonight no different.

Mmmmm … while pondering, channel changing … shazam … a program on SBS “Love Me, Love My Doll” … a doco made in 2006 in California and the men who love their one hundred pound, curvy, not the blow up type girls …what a perfect prompt!

There’s the guy who lives with Kelly and Ginger, when he dies he wants them buried with him, the guy shopping for an outfit and a new wig for one of the eight dolls he has living in crates in the garage … his new living girlfriend wonders what part they play in his life now they’re together, she wonders if he’s “not telling her something” ! There's the guy dressing his honey to go on a picnic, spraying her with perfume, then he pops her in the passenger seat of his truck, puts on her seat belt, then takes her for the day out …

Pubic hair patches are the norm. Someone’s mother takes the orders at the company and tells viewers of the customer requests … how someone wanted an 80 year old doll, someone else wanted a doll with pubes to - well, all over … they sent the patches.

Curves … there’s the DaveCats gal, click here to see for yourself, who after six years living together is going for repair, the longest time they’ve been apart … he’s broken hearted as he packs her in the crate.

The repair guy finds her in good condition, compared to the ones who arrive with private parts worn out, especially as he’s running out of replacements. The repair man’s curvy, living / live-in girlfriend, found them intimidating at first, she got over the jealousy … I kid you not … all true …

In a creepy way the manufacturer is doing womankind a service ... I think???

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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Photo Theme for Thursday - COMMON

It's a daily COMMON occurence to see food like this served to patients at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital.

Described on the patient menu as 'Steamed Chicken and Seasonal Vegetables', meals are presented on a paper plate. Residue/blood from this 'fowl' COMMON mistake for a dinner are visible on the plate ...

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Three Word Wednesday # 88


With vision, judgement and reactions blurred ...

People should be regarded as illegal, when behind the wheel, driving a motor vehicle, unless they're tested annually once reaching 65 years of age ...

I'll match any argument anyone wants to put forward ...

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Ten on Tuesday ... 10 Favourite Time Wasters ...

Ten Favourite Time Wasters ...

1. Doing Meme's.

2. Reading blogs.

3. Searching on ebay.

4. Staring mindlessly at the TV.

5. Contemplating what needs to be done.

6. Organising, mentally what needs to be done.

7. Making mountains out of molehills.

8. Being angry and/or frustrated over something impossible to change.

9. Endeavouring to work out how to change ALL of the above.

10. Pulling the doona over my head.

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Monday, 26 May 2008

Manic Monday 118 ...

Do good things come to those who wait?
Yes definitely!

Your best friend's spouse is being unfaithful. Would you tell your friend? If so, how?
No way, I'll not go there, let them sort it out, it invariably take two!

Which part of your body do you like the least? Would you change it through plastic surgery, if possible?
The bits that annoy me can be easily fixed with diet and exercise ... I don't get people who put themselves through surgery voluntarily ...

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Photo Scavenger Hunt ... SHOES

MJ told me if I behaved myself I would get the other shoe ... yikes, hope it's going to be the left one!!!

Unconscious Mutterings - 278

I say ... and you think ...

1. Referral :: wary

2. Indiana :: not again

3. Foil :: baulk

4. Horizon :: edge

5. Event :: non

6. Sailing :: along

7. Footage :: film

8. Sunday :: every day

9. Breathtaking :: paisley

10. Dude! :: hey

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Friday, 23 May 2008

Sunday Scribblings - Quitting

QUITTING ... when the big five O candles were blown out, the ice melted, the the balloons burst, the drunks departed and the hangover subsided, quitting began ...

Inherited attitudes
Learned behaviour

Over time the list grew ...
Red meat
Excusing bad behaviour
Back stabbers

Lately ...
Taking life and loved ones for granted
Crossing roads

When I get to the other side of the road there'll be more ...

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Thursday Challenge - PINK

This was one month on after the disaster. Here's the second, Pink Fibreglass cast that failed! See the huge lump on the heel? The darn thing caved in, collapsed, no-one knew or would admit why.

The physio's blamed the orthotic's people, the mystery remains unsolved ... now my foot is encased in something not so Pink, way less attractive or fashionable, that weighs a freaking motza, and is more clumpy!!!

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Monday, 19 May 2008

Manic Monday # 117

If you knew that every minute of the next 24 hours of your life would be recorded on camera is there anything you would change about your habits?
Change the wind.

If you could take a one-month trip to any single destination in the world and money is not a consideration, where would you go?

What is the best example of “perfection” that you can think of?
Lindt Swiss Chocolate - Lindor Truffle Dark Chocolate (blue wrap).

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Unconscious Mutterings Week 277 ...

1. Concentration :: bamboozled

2. Relocated :: ward 9B

3. Clot :: none

4. Joints :: aching

5. Satellite :: dish

6. Money back :: guarantee

7. Kittens :: Awwwwww

8. Shady :: character

9. Drain :: brain

10. Stroke:: of genius

Strange but true ... thrilled to be back!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Sunday Scribblings # 111 - SOAR / SORE

Soar / sore

Gadzooks - have you gals been on the same wavelength – flabbergasting prompt!

Soar – when a silly old woman hit me, causing me to soar across the front of her 'vintage' car. Judging by the contusions on my right side plus the gaping hole in my new black top, the said motor vehicle was equipped with rear vision mirrors attached to each side of the bonnet … I contemplate … were they specifically designed to gouge my flesh, break my fall or as an aid to soar?

OR ::

Sore –
splayed across the bitumen, my eyes opened, flummoxed, I heard the too old driver of the said motor vehicle exclaim “she broke my windscreen” … imagine how sore she could have been had I been capable of rising and punching her in the nose?

The Redness is Back ....

A trillion, billion Thank You's to everyone who sent thoughts, wishes and encouragement during the past seven weeks ... Words will never express my thanks!

Briefly ...

11am - crossing a 3 lane road, lights red, road clear, my mate two metres ahead of me - out of nowhere a car hit me, driven by a woman too old to be behind the wheel.

Sustained - ten fractures, punctured lung! Went through 5 hours surgery, six weeks in hospital, home now with pain, PTSD, gratitude and a strong resolve to recover ...

I am blessed, extremely fortunate to be alive, no brain injury (welll ... the juries still out on that one) ...

For the rest of my life, I'll go off every time I pass through a metal detector ... how funny is that ;~)

A plethora of stories await to be told ... photo's too!

Thank YOU Everyone xO xO xO

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Update on Redness

MJ here, just writing to give you an update on how Red is doing. Unfortunately she is still in hospital! She should have been into a rehab facility approx 2 weeks ago but there are no spaces available. Her arm and collarbone are healing nicely and she has a walking stick to help her get around as her ankle is still in plaster. We think she will be going home on Monday and getting in-home rehab services instead.

She has also made firm friends with a girl who shares her room who has been in hospital for roughly the same amount of time. Together they joke with the nurses, cajole the doctors, whisper about the mean physiotherapist and provide each other with support as they recover from their ordeals. Redhas witnessed some amazing, shocking and amusing things while in hospital and cant wait to share them. Fingers crossed she'll be back contributing to the blogging community in no time.
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