Saturday, 4 November 2006

$10 well spent ...

Saturday morning, the best morning of the week climaxes
with a scrumptious brunch at THE best cafe in Sydney's
inner west. We've eaten at over two dozen cafe's and
each time we thought we'd landed ~ something would go
awry. Bad service, hard eggs, a cold meal, there was
always something that mucked up the treat.

Today we were set to enjoy when a young boy, set himself
up, two shops away and began busking playing a clarinet and
for the first fifteen minutes it was funny but as scales
plus the lack of any recognisable tune it began to grate.
As our brunch arrived, Moi, the shy retiring one, saying
nothing got up from the table and as I walked towards the
boy I looked back to see my mates were aghast ... what
on earth is she doing I could hear them thinking!

As the boy began to pucker, ready regale us with another
bout of a sound somewhere between a cat being killed or him
screaming as I put my hands round his throat I quietly said
to him ..."Excuse me" he stopped blowing and as he smiled I
saw a mouth full of metal " if I gave you $10 would you mind
going and playing somewhere else?". He smiled the most angelic,
metal mouthed smile at me and replied "Sure!".

We laughed and laughed at the thought of the boy going home
to Mum saying "A lady gave me $10" neglecting to mention it
was to go away. We laughed more at the possibility that Mum
had probably had enough too and had told him to go and play
down at the shops.

The girl in Monica's shoppe next door laughed when we told her
then we all laughed more as she said she would have contributed
to get him to move on as even playing the some great clarinet
music full bore couldn't drown out the wailing of that boy's
'licorice stick' ... Ohhh I love Saturdays ~ always a laugh!!!

Friday, 3 November 2006

PRIDEFUL or not ...?

I once had dealings with a religious fanatic who repeatedly
admonished all and sundry whenever the word pride was mentioned.
That made no sense to me. I wondered why was pride such a bad
thing? I'd always been taught that having pride in yourself
e.g. appearance, achievements etc were all the positives in
life. The opinions of the God botherer were perplexing!

The following trivia has confused the issue more. I'd always
considered myself a person who took pride in many things and
now ... Prideful ... who made that one up??

Do you make sense of it all ... I'm still perplexed ???

Your Pride Quotient: 33%

You're a little prideful, but nothing out of the norm.
Like everyone, you enjoy attention. But you're also good at sharing the spotlight!
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