Thursday, 31 May 2007

Step Into Leonardo's Shoes

leonardoThere's something unique happening in July at the University of New South Wales at Kensington ... DRAWING from HUMAN ANATOMICAL SPECIMENS: 5-day Intensive Workshop with Susan Dorothea White and A/Prof Brian Freeman.

Discover what's under the skin and acquire new drawing skills by stepping into Leonardo's shoes under the guidance of anatomist Dr Brian Freeman and artist Susan Dorothea White. Both experts in their field, Brian and Susan make a unique team and provide personalized instruction in an informal atmosphere.

All levels welcome - beginners to advanced

Participants have a rare opportunity to study and draw real dissected body parts displayed on stainless steel benches in a spacious, well-lit university laboratory. These drawing sessions are interspersed with talks on anatomy and the human figure in art history, illustrated with projected images and Susan's drawings on a board.

I've was tagged at SCQUILTERS.

Gadzooks that great Australia Quilters Group Scquilters are running a tagging thingo and today I was tagged ...

1. What's your favourite colour combination?
Jewel colours or shabby chic.

2. What was the first quilt you ever made?
Haven't made a quilt but have made a Kimono wall hanging from
men's silk ties as seen in Japanese Inspirations by Janet Haigh.

3.What colour will you never ever use in quilting?
Yellow and/or purple.

4. What's the best bit about making a quilt?
The personal satisfaction.

5. If you could pick one quilt to save from a disaster, what would it be?
I'd save the jewellery and the collection of 'found objects'!

Thanks for the opportunity!

When there's no escape ... Delicaseys will save you!

The perfect, delectable cure, to ease any angst or ire is DELICASEYS. Never in your life will you savour a more luscious chocolate and ... if you go to Paddington Markets the gorgeous creator will tantalise you ... the chocs, the man, Mmmmmm, bew-di-ful!

Monday, 28 May 2007

Not Over It ...

Currently I'm not over anything ... What a change! I'm consumed with a bead project I've joined as well as creating against the clock on commissioned projects!

However I was curious as to what my bead name is!
Mmmmm Chartreuse ... how delicious!

My Your Beady Name is: is Chartruese Hollow Bead.
Take Your Beady Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

I am the Empress

Which Tarot card am I ... certainly not the one that can transfer the html to my blog ... check out who I am ...

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Good Golly Miss Olley

Last year Good Weekend that once fabulous magazine (but that's

another story), that accompanies the Saturday SMH did a cover
story on the amazing Margaret Olley . Good Golly Miss Olley

was the title, it was then I decided that when I grow up I wanted
to be just like Miss Olley.

My thrill at the aformentioned Art Gallery was to see the portrait
of Miss Olley that won the 1948 Archibald prize by William Dobell.

I believe Miss Olley still creates, souvenirs flowers over the fences
near her home in Sydney's east and entertains interesting people -

Mmmm ... I'm getting there!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Mother's Day at NSW Art Gallery

The thought was beautiful, the company delightful ... the image of this monstrous tree
caught my eye - so much character, so much age ...

The prospect - lunch and a cultural stroll around the hometown art gallery.

The Lunch - a high priced version of a Coles Cafeteria, with ambience to match!

The art - ordinary - plus admission was charged to see this years Archibald entries ... outrageous!

The verdict - next year to the MCA ... where they know how to do it all !

Happy Mother's Day to All.
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