Sunday, 9 July 2006

If you want something done...

MJ once told me "If you want something done ask a busy
woman" well that's me lately. I swear there's not enough
hours in the day to get through what's going on round here!
It's all good, though I'm having trouble sleeping the hours
Ineed to keep this finely tuned body and brain firing -
courtesy of a new feline/greyhound in residence upstairs.

The lovely neighbour, who brought Pearl into my life, was the
owner of a very large, very loved, old cat named "Meaow/Mao",
depending on how you said it. The poor old fella, the cat
that is, became very sick, spent a week in the vet and
unexpectedlyturned up his paws. My neighbour had been to the
vet's each day sitting with his pal and was devastated at
his death.

A few days later the vet called my neighbour asking would he
be interested in giving a home to a cat. My neighbour was
thrilledand not daunted when told that the puss had been found
by thelocal police, in the gutter, after being hit by a car.
The police hadtaken the puss to the vet and had taken up a
collection to pay forit's care. The vet had had to amputate
the puss's front left leg.

My neighbour went to the vet's every day to sit with his soon
to be new son, talking to him and getting to know him. Two
weeks ago he came home. This little fellow is a charmer, a
playful,attentive personality who even after complications, his
wholeleft side shaved and looking like he's been stitched by a
quilter races through the place belting his left stumpy, shoulder
on thefloor as he pelts around upstairs.

BUT ... a few days ago my neighbour decided he would make
Mao a winter bed in the bedroom, on the window sill so Mao
get's the morning sun at the exact same spot directly above my

The building is old, where there's no concrete separating the
floors but creaky, old wooden boards, when if it's all quiet you
can hear, EVERYTHING above, and I mean everything.

The new Mao has taken to early rising and playing - right above
my head, each morning at any time from 6am onwards.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm an insomniac, that hears the
grass grow even while sleeping. So after going to bed at 2am I
am not happy jan about the early morning feline olympics /greyhound
training sessions ... But what can I do??
The cat is adorable, the neighbour is one of nature's gentleman.
I've explained my predicament, he's concerned ... but the
cat rules his life!

Pearl's not happy either, she's a night owl like me and looks bleary
eyed as I appear early in the morning cussing under my breath.
As I write she is close by I am sure wishing me to stop pounding the
keyboard and probably wishing me to go to blazes ...

I know how fortunate I am to have the tiny problem as my only
gripe in life - but take a look at Pearl - says it all doesn't it???


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