Friday, 3 November 2006

PRIDEFUL or not ...?

I once had dealings with a religious fanatic who repeatedly
admonished all and sundry whenever the word pride was mentioned.
That made no sense to me. I wondered why was pride such a bad
thing? I'd always been taught that having pride in yourself
e.g. appearance, achievements etc were all the positives in
life. The opinions of the God botherer were perplexing!

The following trivia has confused the issue more. I'd always
considered myself a person who took pride in many things and
now ... Prideful ... who made that one up??

Do you make sense of it all ... I'm still perplexed ???

Your Pride Quotient: 33%

You're a little prideful, but nothing out of the norm.
Like everyone, you enjoy attention. But you're also good at sharing the spotlight!


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