Thursday, 31 May 2007

I've was tagged at SCQUILTERS.

Gadzooks that great Australia Quilters Group Scquilters are running a tagging thingo and today I was tagged ...

1. What's your favourite colour combination?
Jewel colours or shabby chic.

2. What was the first quilt you ever made?
Haven't made a quilt but have made a Kimono wall hanging from
men's silk ties as seen in Japanese Inspirations by Janet Haigh.

3.What colour will you never ever use in quilting?
Yellow and/or purple.

4. What's the best bit about making a quilt?
The personal satisfaction.

5. If you could pick one quilt to save from a disaster, what would it be?
I'd save the jewellery and the collection of 'found objects'!

Thanks for the opportunity!


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