Wednesday, 7 January 2009

My Dad report and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital / RPA ...

Walking though the same 1884 entrance at RPA Hospital is always like a step back in time.
On Sunday, we were astonished to step through from one time to another ...

Through the gorgeous historical entrance, with stunning
leadlight windows, Italian marble floors, timber
ballistrades etc to come upon an eight story atrium
with a white marble stairway flowing through is
Easily visible are the remaining, restored, surrounding, older buildings
A beautiful architectural mix of the old and the new.
There is now a Heritage Centre -open every Wednesday 10am - 2pm. Entry is free.
Today the Geriatrician said Dad's condition is 'precarious'. Dad is eating soft food, grumbling, sleeping a lot. The swelling in his feet and ankles has subsided. He's on oxygen permanantly, they're monitoring his kidney function, they say he'll be in hospital for at least another week ... I'll keep you posted while taking each day as it comes.


Lara Low said...

Hi, this might be a strange request but do you have any other images of the RPA Atrium/Stairs? I'm an architecture student and would love to see more from this space. yiddles at gmail dot com

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