Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sydney Good Food & Wine Show ...

A couple of years ago we went to the Sydney Food Show at Darling Harbour. We never forgot the feeding frenzy we witnessed in one massive hall at the Sydney Convention Centre.

This weekend we braved the Sydney Good Food and Wine Show extravaganza that covered five halls. Gnashing, dribbling, gorging, pushing, nudging and elbowing was the order of the day. The masses obliterated anything on offer they could get into their mouths. Timber from a healthy forest was surely cleared to manufacture the squillions of toothpicks used to stab the morsels.

We said hi to the always gorgeous
ChocolateSuze ... pop over for her food blogger / exhibitor perspective of the show ... we saw celeb chefs, we tasted, we enjoyed!

We lugged home bags and bags of samples and bargains. I stupidly didn't buy a shopping trolley to lug the loot ... I was over them after having been whacked in the ankles and tripped up by the people dragging them. I'd thought they were idiots for buying so much stuff ... Hah!

I primadonna'd like a small petulant child the entire, what felt like a marathon, walk to the car. With my one, half a good arm and two bulging bags I huffed, puffed, pouted, fought back tears, grunted, groaned and cursed like a tetchy toddler who'd missed an afternoon nap. Reaching the car was bliss.

SOoooo this week I'm going to blog on some of the food and wine we discovered

... for now my biggest decision is what to eat next while I journey through France via the live telecast of le Tour de France where Aussie Stewart O'Grady is currently in second place ...

... more food delights and observations tomorrow!


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