Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Superhero's & Villians Challenge ... my picks

Margaret Olley a true superheroine ...
The challenge this week is Superhero's & Villians ... of which I've known plenty!

My super hero's are real ... they're women. ... they're heroines.

From my great great grandmother, Mary Bee who was shipped to the colony, as Australia was known in 1820 from England for stealing cheese ... to the women I have met along the way ... nameless heroines each with marvellous stories of survival ... not neccessarily women in the public eye ... none of them would have been seen in a spandex suit, with huge zhoomers, lips and/or hair ... simply ordinary women who survived against the odds!

Three you might know ... all with super abilities that inspire, motivate and leave me in awe are ... Margaret Olley, Klytie Pate & Mirka Mora ...

MARGARET OLLEY is the person I wanted to be when 'I grew up' ... in her 90s Miss Olley is still strolling the streets of Paddington, pinching flowers from front gardens, painting beautifully and holding soirees for the invited few ... more on Margaret here

KLYTIE PATE :: a recent interview on ABC Collectors with one of my super heroines, Australian artist, Klytie Pate.
Now a spritely 97, Klytie began her career in 1936 and continued to work in the earthenware tradition for over 60 years, an outstanding and rare achievement. With her work so now highly regarded and valuable, Klytie said she’s sorry she didn’t keep more!

MIRKA MORA ::: read about Mirka here ...

Mirka and Margaret Olley were the only ones I was able to find a recent photo's of ... the rest, like true heroines, are too modest!

... the villians for this challenge ... I've know too many of them, not enough bandwidth here ...


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