Saturday, 31 October 2009

Halloween ... finding a spooky hotel in Sydney or anywhere in the world ...

Anyone in Sydney for Halloween who wants to take in the spooky side of Sydney should check in at the Russell Hotel.

The hotel, which was formerly a sailors' hostel and is situated in The Rocks, Sydney's oldest district, is thought to contain a seafaring guest who seems somewhat reluctant to check out.

Stories which date back to colonial times suggest that Room 8 is still the residence of a spectral seaman who has been known to stand and stare at guests.

The ocean-faring apparition also has a tendency to patrol the hotel at night, with staff and guests reporting the sounds of creaking floorboards only to find no-one there when they have gone to investigate the noise.

The Russell Hotel, 143a George Street, The Rocks, Sydney. For more information visit:

... read more about haunted hotels around the world HERE

... courtesy UK Daily Mail.


Dina said...

I wouldn't mind visiting a haunted place...MAYBE.

I don't imagine I'd want to sleep in a room with a dead person staring at me.


phonakins said...

I love some of the old architecture in syd :)

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