Saturday, 28 November 2009

Happyness is always knowing how blessed you are ...

Cherished treasures found their way into my life this week ...

Top row =
6 cougar print boxes for  fab storage from   ~ impossible without the Diva.
Gorgeous apothacary jar from Pet filled with roses from Flights of Fancy
Stunning red jacket scrunches into lunch bag from the Back Room at Petersham ~ Diva again.

Middle row =
Discount vouchers for Myers, Betts, Colorado = shopping till dropping via Shaz.
Gorgeous green diamond cut rock to do with as I wish from my fave vintage shop.
Vintage buttons & tortoiseshell bits from - can't tell you where - then you'll know too ;)

Bottom row =
Rosary beads and faux tortoiseshell cuff from Pet .
Yes another gorgeous jar ... told you I'm blessed :)
Christmas Earrings ... been threatening to wear these for years ... it's on!

... Blessed is putting it mildly ... I so hope my good fortune rubs off on YOU too! 


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