Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Pssst I've got a secret ... Digital Mum Freebie ... win a phone ...

I was behind the door when nerd knowledge, that is anything to do with anything electronic, was handed out. I'm the one who, when the computer didn't work, took it back to the store, told the guy it didn't work. When he  asked me - had I switched it on. ... NOoooo I said looking blankly - then he showed me where the power switch was located!

I'm the one when the cable TV signal wasn't coming coming through, I called and made a technician appointment service call ... only to find the power plug had fallen out of the power point.

I can do a zillion other amazing things. Cater for a function for a thousand people -  I'm your girl. Give up booze, cigarettes and the related losers ... you betcha. Give up wheat, gluten, dairy, caffeine and nightshades never felt better. All as easy as!

But when I told my girls I was on FaceBook and was buying an iPhone, so I
could post to FB from anywhere and more ... they fell on the floor laughing.
"Youuuuuu with an iPhone" ... their laughter's ringing in my ears.

A-HA ... but I didn't tell my girl's about Digital Mum ...

Pssssssst come closer I'll tell YOU ;)

It's the answer to every electronically challenged dames prayer. I know there's Mum's, Grandmum's and Great-Grandies out there just like me - the answer awaits YOU!

AND ...

it gets even better ... You can WIN too.

Telstra wants to know what YOU need to learn about mobile content.

Like ... would you want to watch Foxtel or be able to get grooviest ringtones on your mobile or maybe there's some other application you're yearning for ???

So ... pop over to Digital Mum HERE to join the group and have your say ...


Telstra and li'l ole me will select 2 people to win 2 LG Xenon phones ... can you believe it ... Telstra and yours truly !

Do yourself a favour ... pop over there NOW!!!

At Digital Mum you can learn everything and more to connect with family and friends online from anywhere the world ... Oh my life is complete ;)

I'm excited and want you to be too ... take a look ... you know I don't talk crap ...Digital Mum is an awesome FB page ... but ya gotta promise
... don't tell my girls about it ... just pop over there and win!

This is all true and written by me.


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