Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Is this my next home ... if only = Shelf-Pod by architect Kazuya Morita

MJ asked "is this my new home?"
not for everyone ... perfect for Moi!

The story is ...
Shelf-pod is the creation of architect Kazuya Morita, who converted just about every available surface of a home's interior into shelves for a man who was having trouble housing his extensive book collection. The space in Moruguchi City, Japan, provides maximum storage space without sacrificing the openness of the room ... more here 


Cinda said...

Hi Cherie! It's been ages but I love this post. I love books and if I could I would have a floor to ceiling bookshelf in each room of the house. I don't have that much room these days so my dream bookshelves have become virtual bookshelves in my iPod for all my e-books.

This is apartment is inspiring for all book lovers! Nothing beats reading a real book with real pages :)

Lyndel said...

OMG Cherie NO! I have enough trouble dusting the bookshelves we have already! But have to agree, the perfect 'shelving' home.

Anonymous said...

it IS your house,
if your house was enlarged by three, but the walls of shelves ,well they are a dream.

Must chat to the man about this

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