Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Snippets ... my week in photo's without words

The wonderful Sunday Snippets is a collection of photo's from your week.
No need for words.
Allowing the pictures to tell the story.

(I did have to have a go at Woolworths) 

Woolworths the fresh food people ...
... NOT!!!!!

... enjoy more Sunday Snippets HERE

Here's to a another equally wonderful week ;)


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Another interesting week. Those old photos are amazing.

SJ Scott said...

You still have woolworths...ours are all gone. They are really not the fresh anything people I think.

Shaz said...

I hope you returned those bananas to Woolies - up here they will give you your money basck.

Goodness only knows they charge enough!
Love the old pics, and casn I have those gorgeouis wooden drawers? I love them, but no I have no room!!

debby emadian said...

So good to see you linked over to Sunday Snippets Cherie.

These are great images. I love all those old black and white photos and the cabinet with all the lovely little wooden drawers.

Look forward to seeing next Sundays images.
Have a great week.

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