Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fat Fashion = Melissa McCarthy gorgeous at the Emmys or not?

A conversation in blog land that the gown worn by Melissa McCarthy did nothing for her motivated me to compose the following reply ...

Oooooo I can see such a generation gap here. Melissa McCarthy and her team are obviously part of the old school where she only knows to look stylish, dignified and glamorous by never drawing attention to her size ... hence wearing black. With the exception of the younger girls of today us fat girls have been severley educated to cover up. The old when you're fat in black you're fat in everything reigned ... the majority aren't  brave enough to adopt the who cares attitude of the gorgeous big girls of today!!! 

Large waists have never been defined until recently. Us fat girls wore a uniform of flowing or oversize tops, like a smock, or elasticised waisted pants with a tee shirt under a colourful, patterned, buttoned through shirt from Millers. Such were the only wardrobes choices us fatties had! I only found my first pair of larger sized jeans about 8 years ago. Large size fashion was out there but highly expensive from upmarket retailers of that era such as David Jones & Myers. 

Trust me fat fashion is alive & well in the US. Last year I was floored at the availability, the choices and how cheap fat fashion is in the US of A. There were mega choices in every retailer. My number one purchase example is the aubergine Calvin Klein size 22 Cashmere coat for $40 in Century 21 in NYC ... I died shopping in NYC ;)

Please don't knock Melissa and other big girls in the public eye. All their life they've dealt with the stigma of being fat plus years of being told there should be no wearing of colour, no sparkle, no stripes, nothing fitted and all flesh should be covered with shapeless fabric, preferably black!!! Please keep doing what you're doing in educating us fat girls that's it's OK to dress like everyone else. 

To me Melissa McCarthy looked appropriately gorgeous for the occasion.

What do you think ... Love to hear your thoughts??? 


Jackie said...

I think she looked lovely, would have been nice to maybe see a different color maybe :)

BOB & MABEL said...

I think she looked stunning, love the dress.

Mandy said...

People would have complained about anything she wore. But she looked elegant. I imagine a lot of time & thought went into deciding on her gown...

artymarty said...

Oh my, dont I remember that uniform of black pants, blakc top and colourful blouse over the top. Thank goodness we have more options now. Do you remember the dress Melissa wore to a major awards last year?
t was nude coloured and the colour was lovely but not so much the cut. I love the cut of this dress. Imagine if it was sapphire blue? But you are right. We have been told for years what to wear and we should support our sisters in the choices they make

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