Thursday, 22 May 2008

Thursday Challenge - PINK

This was one month on after the disaster. Here's the second, Pink Fibreglass cast that failed! See the huge lump on the heel? The darn thing caved in, collapsed, no-one knew or would admit why.

The physio's blamed the orthotic's people, the mystery remains unsolved ... now my foot is encased in something not so Pink, way less attractive or fashionable, that weighs a freaking motza, and is more clumpy!!!

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MX-Susan said...

tThanks for stopping at my blog and commenting on Sunday Scribblings.
Your pink cast while lovley looks heavy I cannot imagine what the new one is like.
Get better!

paisley said...

why is it than no one in this world will ever say... yep,, i sure did fuck that up didn't i??? makes no sense to me...

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