Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Ten on Tuesday ... 10 Favourite Time Wasters ...

Ten Favourite Time Wasters ...

1. Doing Meme's.

2. Reading blogs.

3. Searching on ebay.

4. Staring mindlessly at the TV.

5. Contemplating what needs to be done.

6. Organising, mentally what needs to be done.

7. Making mountains out of molehills.

8. Being angry and/or frustrated over something impossible to change.

9. Endeavouring to work out how to change ALL of the above.

10. Pulling the doona over my head.

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Mystery F said...

Good to see you have bounced back (literally) Redness. What a long road to recovery....stay on track.
Looking forward to more instalments soon.
How did the pussy cat survive all that time without you.

Devil Mood said...

Oh many of these are so true to me as well...ebay, why on earth did I get into that? It's trouble!
But reading blogs is not necessarily a waste of time, I find :)

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