Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Manic Monday # 134

What's worse, physical or mental cheating? Why?

They're both as bad as each other ... though mental can be worse ... you can't see it. The question makes me shudder.

Do you think men and women can be just friends? Why or why not?

Most definitely they can be friends ... it's frequently the suspicion of others that causes friction.

How do you feel about dating co-workers?

What's that old saying? Don't get ya meat where ya get ya bread ...


LadyWolf said...

You answered 2 totally perfect! Your other answers are great too. =)

Dina said...

I am LIVING this post and all these issues!!!

It is so complicated.

I think men and women can be friends, but there's a limit--especially when one is married.

Sometimes, people have a right to be suspicious...especially when there's a lot of lying and manipulation going on.

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