Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunday Scribblings ... Listen up etc ... My Dad's health ...

The past week has been turmoil with the unexpected decline of my Dad's health.

Last December a bout of flu became pneumonia. Dad also had a mild heart attack resulting in heart failure which has slowly worsened and confusion has become dementia. Dad's conscious, his breathing is laboured, he knows who's around, he tells the staff to 'get nicked' when they tend to him! Palliative care has started.

This pic was on his 92nd birthday surrounded by staff at the nursing home. His major priorities, wine, women and food remained foremost despite his age!

Listen up this is important ... it doesn't matter about the man he once was, it's of no consequence what's transpired in the past ... he's my Dad. He did what he thought was right, he worked hard, he was a good provider, he did the best he knew how with what he had!

Now his dignity, peace and most of all his comfort are paramount. I'm sitting with him every day. This isn't a sad time.


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