Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday Scribblings ... AGING.

Yet again the Sunday Scribblings topic for this week hits the nail right on the head for me …

This week I became a Great-GrandMaMa (click here to meet Isabella) … yes I know … how can that be you ask, someone so vibrant, so young, yet only 39 with a lot of late nights …

March 25 I was blessed. I’ve said so many times before I am blessed again and again and to be there, no not in the delivery suite, no way could I see my baby have her baby but to be stroking my grand-daughters brow shortly before Isabella made her entrance, was phenomenal!

I’m a cryer, I tear up at movies, parades, sad songs, happy songs, births, deaths, marriages, surprises, graduations, celebrations of any description, jokes both sad and funny, good and bad … you name it I shed tears, get a red, snotty nose …and Isabella’s entrance epitomised what life, tears and aging was all about.

For me aging is only ticking off the numbers. You can’t change it … think old, you’ll be old, worrying about it makes you old, endeavouring to avoid the inevitable simply detracts from what’s impossible to change. So go with it, enhance it, surround yourself with positive, happy, contented people ... trusts me it rubs off. Avoid negative whingers who drain the life out of you, who clog up your pores with their woeful baggage ... choose people who get over it, who don't dwell on what they can't change, people who love being alive no matter what destiny deals.

A dearly departed friend always said she would never hang round with old people, sick people and poor people … that was a funny saying when we were out and about in our prime but not so funny when that same friend died not so old, but sick and poor … says it all doesn’t it?

To have survived, to own a myriad of stories, memories to cry about, to smile, share and hand on to a new generation … makes aging bliss.

To have reached a never dreamt of pinnacle in my precious life allows me to choose a new theme song ... the perennial, somewhat defiant chorus of the Australian 70s group The Masters Apprentices song “Because I Love You” … Do what ya wanna do, be what ya wanna be yeah click here to sing along ... you’ll love it ...


A Girl Named Me said...

First....Isabella is sooooo sweet.

Second...I think you said it perfectly with, "think old, you'll be old, worrying about it makes you old"

Perfect little baby - perfect words.


Dina said...

I think it's an incredible blessing to get old.

I know people who have died young--as children, teenagers, and young adults.

So in my eyes, if I grow to a ripe old age, I'll consider myself incredibly blessed.

Tumblewords: said...

Wonderful, darling Isabella! You have it so right that I found myself saying, yes, yes, yes as I read. Those little people make it so worthwhile...congratulations!

Lucy said...

Congratulations Grandma!! How wonderful to be there! And you've really summed aging so perfectly here! Great going!
I just popped in on her beautiful photos!
so so precious! God bless her little soul

Fledgling Poet said...

Isabella is precious! I enjoyed your post so much...very uplifting and moving.

Tammie Lee said...

Sounds like the ticking of time is bringing you countless treasures. Lovely.

floreta said...

i didn't use to be a cryer but now i am.

congratulations on your new addition to family!

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