Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday Scribblings ... #157 CELEBRATE

Sunday Scribblings has done it again ... a prompt so in tune ... 'CELEBRATE.'

The girls ask "what do you have in your life to celebrate" ... my one word reply ...


Hope you're life is as excellent as mine!


americanising desi said...

you said it without over doing it !!
brilliant :D

GreenishLady said...

Yay! Long may we continue to celebrate like that!

A Girl Named Me said...

Short and perfect!

Rock on.


gautami tripathy said...

Right on!

SS: The Red Tent

Kill Word Verification

Tumblewords: said...

Mine's close enough to perfect for me! Glad that yours is excellent! I love celebrations!

rosey said...

That says it all! Fabulous.

Lucy said...


Jay said...

Wow, lucky you! You are doing the right thing to immerse yourself in the joy and happiness of that, and celebrate.

Me? Not so perfect, I'm afraid, but there are still things to celebrate - the trick to being happy is to find them. ;)

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