Saturday, 25 April 2009

Sunday Scribblings - FOLLOW.

The Sunday Scribblings girls write ...
I find this whole concept of following very intriguing. Sunday Scribblings, for example, can be followed in Blogger, in Bloglines and Google Reader to name just a few. Who do you follow? How do you decide what to follow? Do you follow anything else? People, pets, television shows, careers, really slow drivers, toddlers, family lines, rules, regulations, paths, routes, celebrities, all need to be followed in one way or another. Tell us your take on 'follow

In every day life I don't regard myself as a 'follower' I attempt to be unique, I think and see things differently to everyone I know yet in the contenxt of the SS prompt I am a follower of sorts.

I follow many TV shows, yes I'm a self confessed reality fan ... Project Runway, Amazing Race, Big Brother, Biggest Loser, Idol, Trinny & Sussanah ... love them all ... amd more! Some of the changes in my life I owe to Oprah, ten years ago that is, not by the Oprah standards of today.
Now my daytime TV followings are Martha Stewart, Ellen and The View, more down to earth ... yes still contrived but more believably so and much, much more fun!

The blogs I follow are numerous. I adore being motivated by the plethora of talented women around the world in blogland. My one and all time favourite is Corey of Tongue in Cheek . This beautiful woman and her photography, her thoughts, her opinions, her ideas, plus her values all full of beauty, ooze an integrity that fills me with joy when I pop by.

Following traditions, mores and values change as we change. I don't decide who to follow, it simply happens. Keeping an open mind leaves the possibility of happening upon something or someone new open to me ... if I followed too closely ... I'd be a stalker then wouldn't I?


americanising desi said...

i like it how you follow what you wanna follow :)

unique is always good!

Tumblewords: said...

Descriptive follow...I'll check your favorite blogger - and already know I'll like her.

danni said...

"Keeping an open mind leaves the possibility of happening upon something or someone new open to me ..." --- what a great philosophy - reinforces the thing about life being the journey itself as opposed to the destination --- the thing i will take away from this post as a great and gentle reminder - wonderful attitude!!!

JP/deb said...

The fine line between follower/fan and stalker! Oh yeah :)

Seriously though, great take on the prompt!

Peace, JP/deb

Giggles said...

I hear the tale of a passionate woman. I agree one hundred percent... I have changed tons over the years. Following what ever path I choose at the moment!

Hugs Giggles

Thanks for stopping by, I will check out your link!

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