Monday, 7 September 2009

Mother of all Rallies today Canberra 11.30am ...

Home Birth Australia

Whether you agree or not here's yet another example of the government sticking it's nose where it shouldn't be ...

The Mother of all Rallies was held in Canberra today to let the government know that their interference in a woman's right to give birth at home with a midwife in attendance is just that ... interference and none of their bureacratic business!!

Does the government have to regulate everything ... aren't women intelligent to know what's best for them ... OK if it outlaws backyard midwifery but there's enough alert, concerned, educated women out there to keep their finger on the pulse of this profession?

Isn't this another shining example of the government not being the government but trying to take on the roll of "parent" as they tend to do over and over again?
What's in it for the bureacracy?


Dina said...

I agree.

My friend had two homebirths. I'm sure there are risks involved. There's risk in a lot of things. It will be more risky if the whole thing is outlawed, and it goes underground.

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