Saturday, 20 February 2010

Notebook magazine ... being invisible ... letter to the Editor ...

I've posted the following to the editor of Notebook magazine HERE.

I'd settled in for a read before sleep with the newest Notebook magazine

and ...

 first thing I read is a comment from a woman on the letters page,

 about how she feels she's out of the 'target audience' of Notebook. 

Ties that bind with that comment...

Mmmmm so I'm not alone ...
To add insult there's an article on page 95 'fashion for all ages' ...

that stops dead at ... 'In your 50s ...' 

what ... don't women exist after 50 ?????
I almost leapt out of bed to pound the keys in my best indignant style ...

at 2am beauty sleep was more important! 

to-day I'm still livid ...

at being invisible in the eyes of the media ...

Hi Caroline,
I'm incensed! Based on the comment by Beth Allen in Letterbox and in the 'fashion for all ages'
at how your magazine appears to regard anyone past 50 is invisible. How insulting!

I recycle, renovate, shop, cook, craft, blog, have a Facebook page and am as up to date as any
other woman out there. As a great-grandmother too I am a long way off from being in the twilight

It's time to re-consider the worth of older women and realise there's heaps of fashionable, intelligent,
stylish, interesting older women who read your magazine.

Mmmmmm now should I or shouldn't I subscribe?

Also no wonder there's no comments here - the page times out after the second sentence, so I'll
add 'persistent' to my list of personal qualitites.

how rude ... how disrespectful ...  
... I've often wanted to be invisible!!!

Not like this!


Pam said...

Good for you Cherie!! You go girl! Can't wait to see what sort of response, if any, you get from it. :)

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