Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Pincushion Swap - Mine arrived

My pincushion in the Pincushion Swap arrived ...
 wrapped in gorgeous rose patterned paper with a beautiful card and threads!
Thank YOU Sandra!


Kate said...

Every time I see a post on a pin cushion that has arrived I breathe a sigh of rellief. I think this thing might actually work! Yours looks like a beauty by the way. Enjoy using it. X

Pam said...

Your pincushion swap is really, really lovely Cherie. Well done, lucky you! Not surprised you're very pleased with it.

Haven't started mine yet, but plan to make a start this week, so should get it done with time to spare.

Just had to share my word verification cos it tickled my fancy!! "dedbra" lol.

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