Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Count your blessings ... Lorraine Daley + son Bryce + Batten Disease ...

Earlier this year, Lorraine Daley appeared on The Circle as a deserving recipient of a Steal Her Style makeover. Lorraine’s son Bryce is battling a terminal illness (Batten Disease).

Batten Disease is a terminal illness that affects cognitive skills, it causes blindness, seizures, and destroys the muscle mass of the body. Onset is usually round 4 years old.

Lorraine’s one wish is to get Bryce out of the house, which she can’t do without a fitted-out car to hold a wheel chair. With the help of the Children’s Charity VARIETY, Lorraine’s wish came true.

For information on Batten Disease visit

The Daley family live in S.A. so if you can help in anyway Lorraine has a Face Book page ... there's other families living with this insidious disease that could need your help too ... so please check out the Batten Disease web site.

If your kids are running round squealing and healthy, the bum of the cake you left in the oven a smidge too long is burnt, you stubbed your toe, the washing machine isn't spinning, the front yard needs mowing ... take a second and remember how lucky you are ... pass the tissues please!


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