Tuesday, 7 December 2010

At My House ... phewwwww ... it's been a whirl ...

Since last week my life has been a whirl ...
My artist statement for the 2011 exhibiton was submitted ...
  Finders Keepers was on ...
naturally I had to buy one more notebook from Rebound Books.
               My 2011 diary is Sesame Street Little Golden Book in the pic ...

    Saturday I fell in love with Rozelle Markets again . 
An amazing box + two more sticks of inches were mine!
                             Saturday night family dinner.                         

 Sunday was crazy!
 My darling friend Diva's, kitty died.
My shoulder was the Diva's.
 Arrangements for Tashie the kitty had to be made. 

 I dragged the Diva to our local street fair!
I gave her no choice ...
it helped for a smidge.

The silver edged tea cup handle brooch ...
will be altered to wear on a neck chain.

Phew ... told you it's been a whirl! 

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Buttons by Lou Lou said...

It does sound like it was a whirl! You did lots of shopping and looking out and about!

Sorry to hear about the poor cat.


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