Monday, 5 November 2012

Aussie Curves = Polka Dots / Spots = None for me ...

 No 'Polka Dots' post from me this week. 

The only Polka Dots or Spot round here are the ones in front of my eyes! 

I've racked the brain as to why there's not one single spotted garment or accessory in my wardrobe ... only reason I can think of is in the first year of sewing in high school we had to make hideous pair of bloomers. 

Why ???? 15 year old girls sewing clown size bloomers? 

The 1957 education curriculum had a lot to answer for! 

We had to supply the fabric and Mum bought shiny poplin in a menopause mauve color with white spots about the size of a ten cent piece. I remember being so embarrassed at the fabric ... it was the rock n roll era bloomers or not!

So that my Darlings seems to be the only reason I can come up with as to why there's never been a spot to be seen in my wardrobe since. 

I'll be very much enjoying the Aussie Curves 'Polka Dot' posts.


Linda said...

Hi, I enjoyed your post anyway. I was thinking the same, but found I coincidently was wearing polka dot undies today, they came in a set from Kmart lol, just run of the mill ones, set of undies. Hm, I did my first post in last weeks.

Siki`Lou said...

hahaha, oh BLESS you having to make those big bloomers!!! I had a good giggle reading your post!! :) have a lovely week!! xx

Siki`Lou said...
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