Friday, 17 March 2006

GET UP has Got THEM in their sights!

Get Up is at it again and good on them.

We're 11 weeks into the Cole inquiry over the AWB wheat bribes
scandal and everyone's eyes have glazed over. In this drawn-out
tale of corporate scheming, accountability loopholes and legalese
it's become almost impossible to keep track of the facts, much
less why the public should care. Unfortunately, this just lets the
government off the hook - which is just what they're counting on.
That's why GetUp has created a new ad, to get past the spin,
jargon and media fatigue, and drive home the real story of AWB.
Watch the ad now, then send it to five of your friends: The real
story here is simple and very serious. Under the Howard govt.,
Australia's monopoly wheat exporter paid Saddam Hussein's
government almost $300 millon in bribes, a rort of the oil-for-food
program that Saddam used to get around UN trade sanctions, and
buy weapons. The Howard government received at least 24 clear
warnings of these bribes, but instead of investigating the allegations,
it chose to vigorously defend AWB to our allies and the UN. Last
October, when the UN inquiry finally revealed what the government
should have known all along, the official reaction was a stock-in-trade
response: deny and delay. Eventually, they announced an inquiry
with limited powers to question the government; silencing the critics
while ensuring a third party gets all the blame. It is crucial that people
understand the seriousness of this scandal before it slips off the radar.
We've created an ad to explain it --- can you forward it to five people
today? Click the link below to watch the ad and send it to your friends:
Sometimes a bit of direct humour can send a strong message.
Australians deserve to understand why AWB matters.

Says it all doesn't it?


Miss Eagle said...

Thanks for this Redness. I have posted on this at my site, The Eagle's Nest at with a link back to your site.

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