Sunday, 26 March 2006

Was it the Melbourne Games or the Commonwealth Games???

Missed me anyone?? Engrossed in the Games has kept me
away from cyber space. But I've come away wondering
whose games was it?

Melbourne will take all the cudos, but what about the rest of
our gorgeous country? What about the blonde haired, blue
eyed, fresh shiny, beaming faced angels (girls and guys) who
won medal after medal? Double the number of the UK with
no other nation in coo-ee of such a total but were all these
bronzed Aussie winners from Melbourne - no way - but you'd
have thought so!

Channel 9 who broadcast the games and tonights closing
ceremony wants a floggin' for a number of fuax pas! The
audacity of switching to a commerical break "to pay some
bills" according to Ray Martin during John Farnham's
performance. Yep I am a Farnham fanatic! Why not an ad
when the Bollywood extravanganza was taking place??

What about the channel 9 nob head who after interviewing
the amazing Melissa Lui asked her to cross back to the studio
and when she missed the cue he proclaimed it as a "Bronze
medal" performance? C'mon you loser I was screaming, she's
13 years old, she a legend - disgraceful.

As for Channel 9, Ray Martin should have stayed home here
in Sydney instead of, under the guise of commentary, plug
"his" show with interruptions of brilliant moments with his
innane and self proclaiming banter.

Channel 9 made plenty of blunders - too many to mention here!

An another thing - what about the 2010 Commonwealth Games
in India?? Whenever we've seen a travel show from that country
- right back to the days of John Saffran on that ABC show 'Race
Around the World'- viewers have been appalled and saddened at
the poverty of India. The starving children begging on the streets,
kids running beside cars in the last series of 'Amazing Race' begging
for money. What about the experiences of pretty girls travelling and
their stories of how Indian males poke and prod femaile tourists at
every opportunity and we're expected to send our sporting beauty
talents there? Holey Dooley.
One can only wonder what's the bill for the extravaganza we've
just witnessed?? How in 2010 is a country rife with poverty and
population explosion expected to produce a similar extravaganza
when it's unable to feed its children??
Something's not right.

But Melbourne takes the cake - the home of Aussie Rules! Oi
did they forget that Sydney Swans are the current Premiers??
What, doesn't anyone play Rugby League or Soccer down there??
What about the lovely ditty recited by the actor at the beginning
where he included a line about "the fingers of Shane Warne" - are
they the same fingers that sent R rated texts to women?
EeeUuuWww! Melbourne can have him.

Where was some indigenous representation ???
Oh that's right Paul Kelly and Casey Donovan got the gig!

Aussie's are celebrating across the land at the prowess of our
sporting heroines and heroes, Aussie families are glowing with
pride, some international athlete's have absconded but who'd
blame them, the games are finished the closing ceremony is over ...

So does that mean Melbourne's closed now???


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