Friday, 17 March 2006

When STUFF Becomes Art.

There's no greater hoarder or maker of wonderful things out of found
objects than Moi. MJ is now capable of opening the fridge when others
have wailed "there's nothing to eat" and created a feast for the

My CV includes "the ability to make something out of nothing"
and the word is out!
Read on ~

Make Do Exhibition at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery

Make Do
is an exhibition of recent works by Maggie Stein and
Robyn Moloney showing at Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Camperdown,
from the 8th to the 19th of March.

Both artists have been inspired by what others discard and love to
transform pieces they find into objects of beauty. They frequent
Reverse Garbage and local Op shops and can be seen rummaging
through stuff dumped on the street, often finding items which catch
their eye and imagination. In making their art they love to play with
colour, pattern and texture.

For Robyn Moloney “make do” brings together her petit-point
tapestries and ‘around and around paintings. They are made from
wool and canvas from discarded tapestry kits; cardboard from
cereal boxes and found frames and bits of wood .She is inspired
by anything that has that home made, make do feel about it,
anything that has the mark of its maker – like patchwork rugs
and nice bits of wood.
She says “A couple of years ago I began a project called ‘Goes
around comes around’. The rule is to make do with what’s around
– to buy nothing new. I don’t know what’s more thrilling – making
art or finding good junk.
Birds and flowers seem as good a subject as any. Some are a record
of what’s around me at the moment. They bring some joy to me in
my semi- industrial part of Marrickville.”

For Maggie Stein the title “make do” expresses a desire to make do
with what we have and also expresses her sometimes compulsive
desire to create.
Maggie enjoys working on wood in a variety of shapes. She uses a
mixture of media and techniques (paint, collage and assemblage)
to adorn surfaces with a rich patterning and over layering of shapes.
Her inspiration comes from many sources including ancient cultures,
architecture, her inner self and the natural world.

She says of her work
“I like the idea of an object having a previous life; some of that
patina/ history contributes to the direction of the work. I enjoy
the intuitive process of working not really knowing where it’s

going but feeling compelled to take the journey”

Venue: Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Pidcock st, Camperdown.
Hours: 11am to 5 pm Wed to Sun until the 19th of March.

SOoooo......... now you all might understand why I'm up at the crack
of, garaging, why my fave saying is "out with the old, in with the older".
But why there's been no exhibition of my work???
Pop round some day and you'll see why!

Make Do sounds like a perfect Artist's Date doesn't it??


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