Saturday, 14 July 2007

A home found for 'One Down' ...

He was sitting on the step waiting! Wondering why the neighbourhood was out, glaring at me taking yet more photo's and looking questioningly, as to why no food was being served!

It was love at first sight, as if he knew it was meant to be.
As he was lifted up for a cuddle he rested his head in the crook of her arm. He took to her with no qualms, he knew!!! When it came time to go he walked into the cat box with only a little coaxing, no cattiness, no catatonic arguing or fighting!

I made it clear that if everyone wasn't happy he was to come back as there's other people who want to adopt him. As they left his new Mum said she'd ring the vet to change his home address, it sounds like the deal is done!

They were a really sweet couple, she has photo's on her phone of their three legged tortie, who'd died recently. The wait is over for the big, beautiful boy. He'll have some certainty in his life again he'll have a warm, loving and cosy home.
She'll be calling him by his real name 'One Down' ... I cried as he left!


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