Saturday, 7 July 2007

Let's talk Cake ...

I adore cake, am never over it, yearn for a fluffy sponge with lashings of cream but wheat is a no, no! A luscious cup cake has been seen in my clutches, but that's another tale!
Gluten and wheat free doesn't mean despair - years ago I discovered Rowie's when she was in East Sydney and at Fox Studio Markets!
Recently the gorgeous Rowie began creating close by! Everyone knows how strong I've been, looking the other way when I go by, how temptation has been avoided!
No more ... it's time to break out ... watch this space!


Gill said...

I really feel for you having to avoid wheat. I can't have dairy and I SO yearn for big bowls of ice-cream, huge bars of milk chocolate. I salivate just thinking about it! There are of course dairy substitutes, but they just aren't the same when it comes to ice-cream!

Redness said...

Hi Gill, Sorry if I gave the impression that I miss wheat. On the contrary, I love going without it! My gut is much happier! I adore dark chocolate, when if made correctly, is dairy free and have found delicious substitues for ice cream, that I enjoy more ... Ahhhh Gelato or Sanitarium So Good!!! Thanks Heaps for taking the time to leave a comment. Much Appreciated.

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