Friday, 20 July 2007

Introducing Blossom ...

On Sunday I emailed the Vet telling them that 'One Down' had found a new home! The reply said they had a female, 'lap cat', 2-3 year old, desexed, tortie in need of a good home! Mention the word tortie and my heart skips a beat!

As soon as I read the reply I phoned to MJ (a tortie lover too) and within 45 minutes we were at the Vet's for an introduction! It was love at first sight! She was 'rescued' but they can't tell me from where or how and honestly I don't want to know! I took one look at her and she was mine! We spent time with her and I arranged to pick her up today! Yesterday she had surgery to remove a badly placed chip and to insert a new one. The Vet staff has named her 'Spot', not a glamorous name for a beautiful girl, so on Monday I re-named her Blossom - don't you love it??
I've been like an expectant mother. I've visited her each day, for the last three days for bonding.

Here's my little Blossom ... who has settled in marvellously, we're meant for each other!
Better photo's to follow!


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