Sunday, 27 January 2008

1930 Bondi Beach - 2008 National Heritage List

A 1930s Sunday at Bondi Beach.

To the uninitiated it's regarded as a less-than-beautiful stretch of urban sand, a regular haunt of wannabe's, surfers, sunbakers, drunks, morning walkers and tourists compared to the days of this pic when it was simply a regular day out!

The beautiful Bondi Beach, has a special place in my heart as it must have in the eyes of those in power as, on this Australia Day weekend, Bondi Beach has made it to the National Heritage List.

OK ... I previously ranted at a certain politician's mention of doing the same ... but I guess it can't be a bad idea after all.

The developers won't get a chance to deface the beachfront, the 65 hectares of land and ocean, the beach, or the surf lifesaving clubs and pavilion ... are now saved from "modernisation" ... has to be a grand idea for posterity?

Bondi Beach is 76 on the list that you can see here - pretty impressive for my childhood home!


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