Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Writers Island "TREASURE"

Did you hear the one about the two old fellas … ???

One asked “Why do you call your wife Treasure?”

The other replied “Because people keep asking me where I dug her up!”

…….Waaaaaaaaaaa … isn’t that such a bad joke but it was the first thing that flashed into my mind when I saw the prompt.

On a serious note … and again according to the trusty Macquarie lexicon …

treasure 1. wealth or riches stored accumulated, esp. in the form of precious metals or money. 2. anything or person greatly valued or highly prized. 3. to regard as precious; prized; cherish.

The last one got me!

To me the precious, prized and cherished things begin with life.

After decades of not getting it then - to wake up before it was too late is fundamental. To realise how precious life is with the jolt that it’s not dress rehearsal but the real thing, that we only get one chance (that we know of in the here and now) is the ultimate treasure.

Welllll … that is, with the exception of my girls. Words will never describe the love I have for these two! Loving them differently is … I’m sure they get it!

My beautiful tortie Blossom, the very few people I allow in to this cherished life, the collections ranging from gorgeous books, kitschy snow scenes, to cupboards of lavish fabrics and sewing notions, glass buttons, boxes of powder compacts, beautiful tortoiseshell trinkets and curios, more books, my family history, invaluable ephemera, plus more secluded sentimentality ... these are all part of me … they are all part of this life I treasure!

How fortunate I am!

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Rambler said...

Life is for sure priceless..

paris parfait said...

Oh yes, much is to be treasured in life, as you've so beautifully described.

UL said...

YES! all beautiful treasures, must be cherished...thanks

Preethi said...

Life is a priceless treasure indeed. loved the joke though... smiling still!!

The treasure

tumblewords said...

Lots of treasures, well-described! Enjoyed reading your post, as usual!

Lucy said...

haha I had never heard that joke. very cute!
You ARE fortunate and a talented wrtier as well! :))

keith hillman said...

Lovely piece. Treaure itself.

paisley said...

you are indeed fortunate to have such a list of wonderful treasures... this was a really nice post... and a half way decent joke too!!!!!

LittleWing said...

i thought that was a classic way of starting out your prompt...we need to laugh more!!!..also enjoyed your comment after decades of not getting it...yeppers..i can relate..

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