Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Write on Wensday August 5 - still late ...

On August 5 Becca asks ...

Writing for Real.
How about you? Do you consider yourself a writer? Do you think blogging is “real writing?” What does it take to be a “real writer”?

Hey Becca I'm shouting ... snap out of it ... good grief woman why are you so swamped by self doubt ... GggRrrrr ... frustration seeps close to the rim ... "I never say I'm a writer" says Becca ... well why bloody not I ask, you're doing it now, so well, so inspiringly?

I don't say I'm a writer either ... I say "I write."

I've seen people's expression change, their interest alter in who I am, what I do, what I write and more importantly who I write for ...

So I shoot them down with that first question and reply "I write lists" ... well you have them then ... they have no idea whether you're having a lend, you're a nutter, or are deadly serious. Depending on the situation you can stop it there or gain a host of mileage. See, I'm irritated by people who throw that first question, on the pretext of gauging who you are or what you do, within thirty seconds of an introduction ... "So what do you do?"

Does it matter I think, I grimace , am I going to be categorised by this ninkampoop for being someone who will or will not do them some earthly good in their chosen profession ... usually a profession they've not chosen ... nah ... so I aim to have fun!

Categorising yourself as a writer is usually equal to other professions.
Unfortunately SOME writers, (often famous ones) see them selves above and better than the plebs ... the ones who're usually buy their writing, keeping them writing. Like medical, legal and most other professions they tend to jargonise - thereby forming a clique an elite and exlusive group ... where usually the only people they're fooling is themselves. To snub blogging is ignorance ... I'll not even start on that topic.

What it takes to be a real writer is a question I defy anyone to answer without prejudice.
I've a folder of published works, I blog, I've contributed to one online and one print publication for over five years, I've reems of family history awaiting editing, I've completed a university degree, written some of the most amazing life stories you'll ever hear, I adore lists and diligently compose them ... I write.


Tanya Gwen Minnick said...

I love that you defy being catagoized as "a writer" a writer of lists, a writer of words, a writer by heart! I think this is wonderful! Way to be you who are!
it inspires me :)
thank you
be well

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