Thursday, 3 December 2009

Times are a changing ...

Look at the time will you ... after 2.30am ...  

I've had my posterior in this seat for most of the day. Hours and hours on the net. Searching, thinking, questioning. My quandry is ... I'm not over it any more ... what to do about my beloved blog?

Four years ago I was well known with my 'I'm Over It' saying.  Uttered at every opportunity, I adored it, overused it, lent it, gave it away, loved it. It  expressed me, who I had been, who I was then ...  I've outgrown it ... what to do! It's not who I am now! Earlier this year I added ... 'I'm over being over it' to the blog title ... and now ... I'm totally over it!  

But I love this blog. I love the look of it ... the hours I've spent have been so enjoyable, the people I've met, the friends I've made, the blogging lessons have been life changing. 

But now I don't want to be known only by my nom. Four years ago bloggers kept their identity secret, fears of ... I'm not sure what the fears were but we kept our real ID safe. A number of my original blogging mates have come out of the bloggers closet. Time for me to too. 

Since March last year events have been life changing ... 2010 will be too! 

I'd appreciate hearing if anyone has moved their blog, changed their blog  name, combined blogs and any hurdles you've hit. I feel there's other bloggers who've outgrown their blog, have been there done this too ... so please leave me your thoughts in the comments section and I'll keep you updated on how it's working out! I hope you'll come with me on the move!


Dina said...

I've changed blogs!

I had a blog on Livejournal first. I then added another blog, so I had two on Livejournal. Then I turned the first one into a private (for my eyes only) thing. I still write in that one almost daily, and the other one I don't write in...but I still have it.

Later I came to Blogger.

I've seen people switch from Blogger to Wordpress. For some of them, they were trying to keep their identity a secret, and they feared that someone had found them.

Do you think you'll move, or just change the title?

Anonymous said...

Hi there - something I use to do when I had my original blog years ago was to change the name of my blog in my header when I wanted to go in a new direction but keep the same URL.

I really liked that idea because although my blog was changing I kept my roots with the URL. Plus I also liked a lot about my blog and I didn't want to have to re-create it all the time - so I just kept the same URL and basic format but redecorated a bit. Like a fresh coat of paint.

One of the biggest hurdles I found was coming up with a new name. I had to really sit down and nut out what it was I wanted my blog to be, what my new passion was etc.

Doing something like that might be a good place for you to start maybe.

And if after playing around with it for a while, it just doesn't feel right then you still have the option of starting afresh on a toally new blog. And in the interim you've given yourself a little bit of time to experiment with and think about it all.

Starting afresh is a huge pain, trust me....I'm in the process of doing it myself and it's been driving me nuts trying to find my comfortable place back on the net after being away from blogging for two years.

I'm getting there slowly.

I hoped this has helped a little bit...good luck with your adventure!

the cook said...

I've done a similar thing to Anne, and can relate to your being over it (and now not). I started with a blog title (a name I rather like and which reflects my worldview) and a subtitle which reflected my journey at the time (notes on life AD (after desk)). When my journey got flipped on its head (I returned to full time work) about a year ago, I kept the title and URL and just updated the subtitle (notes on life AD (at desk)).

When I have time and inspiration (or a complete change of lifestations!) I update the blog banner and try out new blogger gizmos to breathe new life into things.

So, for what it's worth, I say keep the URL and go with a refresh. Be true to your inner voice!

Redness said...

Thanks so much Dina, Anne and the Cook for your thoughts re blog moving.
It's all great food for thought that I'll ponder from now till the New Year. I'm reluctant to keep the URL as I'm Over It ... but no rush to think of the otpions.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated. xo

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