Saturday, 29 May 2010

COM-PA-NY new designs ... double heels, handies, cuddlesome heads + more

If you love quirky ... then take a look at the latest designs at Com-Pa-Ny ...

Double Heels / Dugub gudu
Design: COMPANY /Made in Seoul,
Korea. Material:Material: Leather, ABS, other materials.
Info: High heels with high stability

Käteiset / Handy Bags
Design: COMPANY / Johan Olin
Made by Kartim in Kokkola and Honko in Vammala, Finland.
Sizes: 8 -11 (men), 6 - 8 (lady)
Availabe in black and in red (lady model).
Price: 59 EUR
       Other info:  Handies were born when a glove factory met a bag factory.

Head Friend / Pääkaveri
Design: COMPANY / Aamu Song Made by Linta-Kalle in Pitkäjärvi Finland.
Material: Fleece, wadding.
Price: 49 €
Info: Keeps company when awake or asleep.

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