Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Guerra de la Paz = Fabric Art = discarded clothes = sensational colour = a funky otherworld ...

Cuban-born design duo, Guerra de la Paz (Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz) live in Miami and have been working together since 1996. 

         For their sculptures and installations, they use huge
       quantities of reclaimed textiles and found objects,
       which are selected in terms of colour and texture.
Either kept as whole pieces, or cut, re-worked and piled up, discarded clothes are meant to retain memories of their previous life, which trigger the viewer’s emotions.

 Their figurative work is ambitious in scale, as the artists demonstrate exceptional handicraft (like their wonderful multicoloured fabric landscapes).
... and address difficult themes like consumerism, waste, violence, rape or war, while conveying a moral, humane, universalist message
Guerra de la Paz turns trash into a funky otherworld ... more here.


Mon Alisa Design said...

Love it! Thankyou for the link :)

Annie said...

Absolutely amazing. I would be drawn in to this gallery and never leave.

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