Sunday, 5 August 2007

A Gorgeous Gift - Vintage Sewing ...

Someone watches over me - I've always known!
Good things happen to me and today was no exception. Look at the gorgeous gift of very old sewing notions that Pet brought to me! Every piece a keeper. I am tickled pink!

Lustrous silk threads on wooden reels with labels from Paris, San Fancisco and England. Beautiful buttons, three from the Queen Victoria era, maybe off the uniform of a young Englishman. Mother of pearl buttons, so cold to touch you could almost feel the sea. Five gorgeous green ones with tortoiseshell centres that will be sewn onto a favourite black jacket, tiny marcasite with diamante centres, blue glass and stunning oval striped glass as well!

Tortoiseshell stays - probably broken from firmly holding in a young ladies corseted waist. Boot buttons, still with the dirt from where they were salvaged. Silk embroidery thread with the wrapper paper label displaying "made in England" and a huge wooden spool of linen thread from Knox's in Scotland. What a huge surprise to find a small ebony cotton reel - what a gorgeous addition to a necklace that will become. A beaded tassell will cascade from the centre - only to be worn on special occasions ...

Oh My ... I am so blessed!!


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