Sunday, 26 August 2007

Redheads will be extinct in 100 years ...

The future doesn't look bright for people with red or ginger hair.

According to genetic scientists redheads are becoming rarer and could be extinct in 100 years.
The current National Geographic magazine reports that less than 2 per cent of the world's population has natural red hair - created by a mutation in northern Europe thousand of years ago. Global intermingling, which broadens the availability of possible partners, has reduced the chances of redheads meeting and so producing little redheads of their own. Although it takes only one red-haired parent to produce ginger babies, two redheads obviously creates a much stronger possibility.

Some experts warn redheads could be gone as early 2060, but others say the gene can be dormant in the reproductive system for generations before returning.
National Geographic says the gene at first had the beneficial effect of increasing the body's ability to make vitamin D from sunlight. However, today's carriers are more prone to skin cancer and have a higher sensitivity to heat and cold-related pain.

I always knew we were the chosen people but this is frightening so c'mon people, you've not lived till you've had a red head experience so get out there now and start populating.

If all else fails then there always Clairol Nice n Easy 109.


MissMeliss said...

This is truly tragic.

I'm not a true redhead, though my normal brown has natural red highlights, and I was strawberry blonde as a kid.

(Now, however, I dye my hair pink, so...)

But this is dire. Red hair is special. Creative. Cool.

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