Tuesday, 28 August 2007

OPTUS - mailing out to dead people ...

This morning my heart skipped a beat when I opened my letter box and found a letter addressed to my Mum, who died in Nopvember 2003.

To add to the insult it was addressed to her personally, using her christian name, as if the sender knew her!

I've had the phone to my ear for 40 minutes, searched and found nowhere on their web site to make a complaint to but have finally tracked down the section of Optus, an Australian telecommunications provider, responsible for sending this crap and just mailed the following.

Optus Customer Relations Group.
PO Box 306
Salisbury South. SA. 5106.

Attention:Michael Smith.
Consumer Group Marketing Director.

I am writing to express my utter disgust and dismay at receiving the included brochure, signed by you, personally addressed to my Mother, Irene, who died in November 2003.

My Mother dealt with Telstra all her life, never had any dealings with Optus so wherever you are receiving this information – the source needs to be severely overhauled. Imagine the distress receiving this sort of mail out causes to others whose loved ones have recently died.

How you would feel if this happened to you?

To add to the frustration your branch of Optus is invisible. A phone call to the number in the brochure took me to the Philippines, another call took me to tech support where thankfully someone understood the sour taste this type of mail out causes and found the postal address for your department.

I trust you will deal with the removal of dead people from your mailing lists post haste!

Thankfully I am not and never will be Optus customer.

Next stop the Telecommunications Ombudsman.


ren.kat said...

So there!

Good for you. My grandmother went through the same thing for more than two years after her husband's death, mainly in the form of his retirement magazine. You'd think they'd care enough to not to rub salt in her would. But I expect nearly four years is much more painful to rip it up. I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

I normally don't make such strong statements. But I have to say that Optus is 'the most' incompetent organisation that I have ever come across. They never know what they are doing. During my brief time as an Optus customer I can't remember them getting even one thing right the first time. I can perfectly understand that they mailed your dead grand mother. Make sure to report them to the Ombudsman, if you don't get a formal apology from Optus

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