Monday, 12 November 2007

Howard v Rudd ... what hope is there?

Look at this pair of shiesters ... what's going on behind those glistening, pasted on smirks, they could be related ... is this the best male talent Australia can produce ... shameful ???

C'mon Australia, drop the apathy, remember what's transpired, for goodness sake vote wisely ... 12 days to go!


Herb Urban said...

Oh yes, the always inspiring lesser of two evils choice, or is it the evil of two lessers? I know nothing about this Rudd fellow, but if his lips are not firmly placed on the arse of George W. Bush, he'd get my vote. John Howard seems like a complete wanker.

Redness said...

TYou got that right Herb! Howard's been called "Bonsai" ... a litle bush!

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